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About Me

My breathwork journey started in 2018 when I was discovering a lot about myself. I stumbled into a breathwork session at Lightning in a Bottle, a festival in California. In 1 hour, I felt clear, calm, and empowered. I was surprised that just one hour of breathing could have such a profound impact in my life. Since this moment, I've dedicated myself to this practice. Certified as a breathwork facilitator in 2021, I'm now ready to share this incredible practice with others.


"Before the session, I felt tired and stressed out with sore muscles. I wasn't sure that breathwork would help. Ari did a great job leading our group session. By the end, I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated. I would do it again and I 100% recommend it for others." - Andrea A

"I was very surprised to discover that my mind never wandered the whole time. I was able to relax and sink into it. When I’ve tried other meditation practices, my mind always wandered. I loved Ari's coaching and the music was perfect for the experience!" - Hannah Hoffman

"From the beginning of my session with Ari I knew I was in good hands. He created a warm and inviting environment then took his time working with me to set a meaningful intention. I didn’t know what to expect going in, so it was nice having Ari there to coach me through it. I thoroughly enjoyed the breathwork, finding it both relaxing and restorative. I’d highly recommend booking Ari for an individual or group session." - Dillon Einbund

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